Erica Fitzgerald utilizes textiles of natural, recycled/salvaged and synthetic origin to explore the complex relationship between Man and Nature.  Her compositions are rooted in ecofeminism with a strong emphasis on environmental awareness that exposes the damage that male-dominated societies have on women and nature.  Fitzgerald believes in ethical sourcing of organic and recycled materials which influences her selection of mediums, to include local and sustainably-sourced animal fleece, discarded wood elements, recycled/salvaged plastics and organic dyes. Fitzgerald interprets the application of animal and environmental destruction which argues the domination of women and the degradation of the environment are consequences of male patriarchy and capitalism.  Her compositions analyze the impact of gender, evoke a deep primordial response when presented with symbols of brutality and suffering of animals and their habitats, as well as the long-endured oppression of women at the hands of men.


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Cincinnati, Ohio USA 

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